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New coaching workshop: Ikigaï Junior

Give teenagers the keys to the path to the orientation that corresponds to him

Between the ages of 14 and 20, adolescents are confronted with different choices of orientation, leading to as many decisions which will define their future. To support them in these often difficult pivotal moments, the National Center for Pedagogical Innovation (CNIP) and the International Ikigai Center have created an Ikigai workshop specially dedicated to adolescents and young adults.

The Junior Ikigai process is a unique complementary tool that will help students and young adults to achieve self-fulfillment, have confidence and identify the orientation that suits them. 


Why an Ikigai specially designed for young people?

By the time they're in 3rd grade, students find themselves confronted with their first choices of orientation. Then begins a long period of successive choices, during which they will have to define a road to take, whether for their studies or their professional future. This period often corresponds to a difficult period and requires a form of introspection which is new and uncomfortable for them. Ikigai is one of the methods that can facilitate these questions and, therefore, make this moment constructive and formative. The framework adapted to the youngest offered by junior ikigai allows them to ask the right questions, so that they can, then, find their way.

By working on these three questions, the student will be able to have a clearer vision of what he/she can do to move towards:

1. What do I like to do?

2. What are my talents?

3. What cause(s) would I like to support?

What will junior ikigai coaching bring to teenagers?

Faced with the challenges that await him, the Junior ikigai will help the teenager find his way with complete peace of mind and will allow him to:

  • Find his strengths, his talents, to create his orientation project;

  • Discover his assets, his drivers and skills;

  • Feel a greater motivation at school, a determination towards success;

  • Fit better in society, and be in harmony within his family.

Guided by a coach specializing in junior ikigai, the teenager will never be alone in this process. The coaching will make it possible to define a strategy, and an action plan adapted to the school or professional project will be put in place. 

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Make an appointment with an Ikigaï Junior Coach - 1st 15-minute session free

If you want to find your Ikigaï you must be accompanied by certified coaches and referenced according to their skills and geographical location.

Support is MANDATORY for Juniors.

Do not hesitate to fill out this form, we will send you the instructions to follow.

We will be delighted to accompany you on this beautiful journey of introspection.

You can fill out this form if you wish to verify that your Junior coach is certified and referenced in our academy.

Response within 24 hours working days.

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