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Living your Ikigaï through the Ikigaï Attitude

Ikigai, a term originating from southern Japan, means joy of living or reason for living.
Ikigai expresses a passion that drives us, a reason that motivates us to get up every morning. Ikigai, a true holistic way of life, encompasses several aspects, 
physical well-being, nutrition, mental health, social bonds and social interactions, passions, professional activity. 
The goal is to combine all its aspects in order to lead the most fulfilling life possible. 
Each individual has their own Ikigai, which makes them unique. 
Come and discover your jewel, your life path, your Ikigaï.

A real concept of life which combines:

  • Physical well-being

It is necessary to find your regular physical activity, this can be variable and different from one individual to another, both in intensity of practice, as well as duration and number of practices. This can range from a simple daily walk, to Yoga, swimming, hiking, running or even sporting activities such as team sports, combat sports or individual sports such as tennis, cycling. . 
It is also important to cultivate quality, restorative sleep. Again, whether in terms of times and duration, as well as in terms of rituals before bed, this can vary from one individual to another. Finally, it is important to be vigilant about your alcohol and tobacco consumption. 

  • Food

It is important to opt for a varied and balanced diet as possible, all depending, of course, on your tastes and possible intolerances or allergies. 
Promote fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins as much as possible. Find the foods and recipes that suit you, that you enjoy with these healthy foods. Reduce the consumption of sugar, soda and processed foods as much as possible. Take the time to savor each meal and eat mindfully according to a ritual that is specific to you.

  • Mental health

Practicing breathing through mindfulness meditation can help you develop resilience to stress. Mental health is closely linked to other aspects of Ikigai. For example, regular sports practice can help you develop balanced mental health, as well as the quality of your social interactions. 
Whatever it is for you, mindfulness meditation coupled with cultivating a positive attitude towards life will allow you to maintain emotional and psychological balance. Engaging in creative disciplines, such as drawing, writing, music, gardening can also contribute greatly to good mental health and well-being.
emotional and allows one to do one of the forms of meditation. 
It's up to you to discover the means that will allow you to develop this state of inner well-being.

  • Social Link

Cultivating healthy social relationships by spending time with friends and loved ones, engaging in community and volunteer activities, here are some examples that will allow you to strengthen your social bonds. The goal is to create in your direct environment a network of mutual support, all at different scales and levels of intensity, from the family stage to the level of your close friends, your acquaintances and work colleagues to your neighborhood.

  • Work 

In terms of your professional activity, identifying your values, your skills and your passions will allow you to define a career that fully corresponds to your Ikigaï. Here again, we can clearly see that Ikigai is really different from one individual to another and that you need to find yours to fully realize yourself, however keep in mind that we have several Ikigai in our lives.
Finding the professional activity made for you will allow you to more naturally and easily find a balance between the demands of your professional life and your personal life. Continuing to seek out learning and development opportunities will also help you nurture your engagement at work and your professional growth. 

Finding, living and developing your Ikigai, having the Ikigai Attitude, means continually integrating these 5 fundamental blocks into your daily life, by creating a harmonious balance between body, mind, diet, social relationships and your career. Following this route means aspiring to a fulfilling and lasting life, full of meaning. 
Ikigai is not a destination but a journey, and it shows us the path to well-being and happiness through harmony and the integration of these essential aspects of life. 

Good road !

Maithé Quintana

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